We’re not just a narration company.

VALEIRA offers additional services that help deliver better narration and voice talent, which means that whatever you’re applying your narration to, our consultants can help take it to another level.

What can our narrative science consulting achieve?

If your project calls for some intricate pieces, we can help. Are you trying to tell a story? Or are you trying to deliver an interactive learning module? What about a marketing strategy? We have expertise in all of that. Allow us to help you with your project and create an ever-lasting impact.

We understand why you’re here – you have a project that needs narrating and true voice talent.

Our voice talent consulting division offers parallel services to help you achieve more than you thought was possible.

Video Production

Whether you need a creative twist to a promo video or something basic that needs the right finishing touches, our creative scripting consultants are here to help and offer amazing video-based solutions for almost any situation – big or small.


Story Telling

Are you trying to tell a story for marketing purpose? What about a children’s book? Or maybe a scenario for an eLearning activity? Our scripting consultants can assist in delivering the best quality story dialog that get’s the message across on time and in a budget friendly way.


Marketing Scripts

So you have a product or service that you want to promote and you’re now at the point where you are getting ready to write a script for your marketing video. Marketing videos need to perform the best they can if they are to reach your target audience. They are promoting your products, services, brand and most importantly your identity, so you need to get them right every time and make sure you have that catchy hook that seals the deal.


Script Branding

Deliver the right flow and feel to your scripts to make them fit your brand is challenging. Using the right tone, voice, verbiage and words together can sometimes leave you scratching your head. Our scripting consultants can help deliver a branded script that will help drive your message deep into the hearts of your target audience.


Interactive Scripts

Writing a script to encourage action can create great opportunities in the way you communicate to your audience. Whether it’s a radio ad that encourages action, or an online training course that encourages learning, our scripting consultants can help your scripts reach the perfect interactivity levels.


Quality Assurance

Once your scripts have reached completion it’s always good practice to have a thorough QA done by a third party, or someone that hasn’t been heavily involved in the project. This helps get an unbiased view on your script to help point out areas that may not be clear, or places where grammar and spelling might need additional attention.



We design things.

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