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Whatever you call it – VALEiRA is your one-stop narration company with an amazing team of narrators.

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Here’s What We Specialize In

Our narrators, voice artists and consultants are highly skilled. We can take any idea and turn it into a stunning reality.

Live Webinar Hosts

Those running webinars can benefit by having someone with a welcoming and professional voice handle introductions, support, Q&A sessions, and closing remarks for the event.


TV/Radio Commercials

Finding that perfect voice for TV and Radio is hard to come across; it can truly make or break a campaign so let us deliver your pitch through the frequencies to help drive your message home.


Radio Productions/Podcasts

Ever since the beginning of radio, there’s always been a growing a demand for audio production. In this growing digital age there is an even bigger platform to deliver your audio-based productions, especially through mediums such as Podcasts.


On-hold Messages

Companies are ditching operators and pushing towards pre-recorded on-hold messages to help direct callers to the department(s) they are seeking. It provides a great consistency that can really help build the identity of your customer service.


Movie Trailers

Excitement is hard to generate with films, but with the right voice talent to help endorse your great work you can really get those potential viewers interested with a compelling trailer.



There’s never been a bigger need for strategic voice delivery than in infomercials. Whether seeking voiceovers for TV or Radio infomercials, projecting those important specs at certain points in time is a leading factor of impulse purchasing – and we can help you achieve that.


eLearning Courses

Strategically adding voice talent to your online learning and training courses can help increase user activity and learner retention. We know that’s exactly what you’re looking for!


Children’s Books

A child’s imagination needs to run wild when listening to an audio book. An amazing experience can be created with the right touch of background sound effects, unique character voices, chimes, music, and more! We can help you here too!


Audio Books

There has been an enormous push for audio books since smart phones hit the scene a few years ago. We now remain productive and listen to books while we drive, mow the lawn, workout, lie in bed, sit on the beach, and just as a plain old substitute for traditional books.


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